Know us

«Sabors» is a small restaurant located in the port of Masnou, surrounded by the Mediterranean and the serrated Litoral, with the smell of the sea and Asian flavor. A space to travel through food to this magical continent. After traveling for years for work reasons, for different countries such as China, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc., you fall in love with their landscapes, their culture, their people, even their spirituality and above all their smells, their food and their flavors. This is why «Sabors» was born, to satisfy the illusion of offering those culinary experiences lived, adapted to the product, freshness and Mediterranean essence.

About Us

In front of «Sabors» is Gradry Sow, of Senegalese origin, responsible for the kitchen, great traveler and connoisseur of Asian food and sushi. A master of spices and discoverer of flavors. Its African origins are an added value for «Sabors». With great experience gained in his journey through several sushi spaces. Marta and Javier, after years of travel to India and several Asian countries where they manufactured textile and household goods, decided to settle between Ibiza and Barcelona, ​​sharing the experiences of many trips. From there and together with Gadry, the idea of ​​»Sabors» is born, which finally opens in the port of El Masnou.


In «Sabors» you can enjoy from a sushi perfectly prepared in a traditional way, to creative sushi, fresh and innovative, always with top quality products. We treat the product for our makis, niguiris, uramakis and sashimis with utmost respect and neatness, following the tradition and feeling the essence of the great Asian masters. Even that we allow ourselves the license to adapt it and play with our times, providing new flavors and combinations, until we achieve an explosion of sensations, making us enjoy the taste, the sight, the smell, the touch, even the ear, in our decoration room special and warm, and always accompanied by good music.