Steamed soybeans, sesame oil and Maldon salt …. 4.50

– Prawns …. 9.50
– Assorted vegetables …. 7.00

Japanese dumplings, 4 pieces

– Prawns with vegetables …. 7.00
– Pork with vegetables …. 6.50
– Spinach, pine nuts, raisins and vegan cheese …. 7.00
– Chicken with vegetables …. 6.50

Miso soup
Japanese white miso soup with wakame seaweed, tofu and Japanese spring onion …. 6.00

Ramen «Special Sabors»
Japanese soup with green tea noodles, roast chicken, hard boiled egg, spinach gyoza and seaweed …. 17.00
(vegan option)

White rice …. 2.75

Vietnamese Nems
Crispy roll stuffed with minced pork, cabbage, mushrooms and spring onion …. 11.50

Scallop wonton with foie
Grilled scallops with rose marmalade, mango, foie micuit served in a fried wonton …. 14.00


Sunomono with prawns
Cucumber, seaweed, prawn, tomato, sesame salad with miso vinaigrette …. 9.50

Vietnamese tuna roll
Rolled lettuce stuffed with tuna, fresh cheese, mint and toasted peanuts …. 8.50

Vegan Vietnamese Roll
Rolled lettuce with mezclum, fresh vegan cheese, mango, mint, bean sprouts and peanuts …. 7.00

Summer salad
Salad rolled with rice paper and avocado, mezclum, prawns, cream cheese, lemon mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce and peanut …. € 9.50


Tuna tartare
Tuna with soy, sesame oil and citrus fruits on avocado bed with wasabi ice cream …. 15,00

Salmon Tartar
Salmon marinated with sesame oil, soy, garlic ginger, fresh ginger, sesame and chives served with a touch of smoke dill …. 13.50

Scallop and tuna ceviche with yucca chips
Vierias, tuna, red onion, coriander, tomato and lychee, with lime juice …. 13.00

Butterfish ceviche
Butterfish, red onion, coriander, cherry tomato with lime juice … 11.50

Vegan Thai Ceviche
Onion, coriander, lychee, mango, avocado, carrot and vegan shrimp, lemon juice and coconut milk …. 11.50

Bull tataki
On a bed of guacamole with truffle …. 16.00

Salmon tataki with truffle oil
On a bed of caramelized shitake mushrooms) … 15.00


Chicken with Japanese onion sautéed in the wok with Teriyaki sauce …. € 8.50

Chicken satay (Thailand)
Chicken skewers with traditional Thai peanut sauce. 2 units …. 7.50

Beef skewer (Japan)
Beef skewer stuffed with cheese and Japanese spring onion and teriyaki sauce. 2 units …. 8.00

Yakisoba beef and squid (Japan)
Sauteed noodles with veal, squid and seasonal vegetables …. 13.00

 Vegetable yakisoba (Japan)
Sauteed noodles with vegetables and shitake …. 10.50

 Nasi Goreng with beef (Indonesia)
Sautéed rice with beef, egg and vegetables, in soy sauce …. 12.00

 Yakimesi (Japan)
Sautéed rice with vegetables, with soy sauce with miso (optional egg) …. 9.50

 Chicken Korma (India)
Chicken marinated with yogurt and Indian spices, sautéed in a wok with vegetables, coconut milk and curry …. 13.00

Wok Myanmar (Burma)
Sauteed chicken with vegetables and prawns with peanut sauce in the style of the chef …. 13.00 

Nems (Vietnam)
Crispy roll stuffed with minced pork, cabbage, mushrooms and spring onion …. 11.50

 Pad thai (Thailand)
Rice noodles sauteed with prawns, squid, vegetables with fried egg …. 13.00

Thai Curry (Thailand)
Vegan prawn curry, sautéed with vegetables and lime leaf with coconut milk, served with a touch of dill smoke …. 15.00

 Green tea noodles with salmon tataki (Korea)
Sautéed with seasonal mushrooms in Kimchi sauce accompanied with a salmon tataki …. 16.00

Japanese-style beef tataki (Japan)
On a bed of vegetable noodles with Jerusalem artichoke chips, fresh edamame with yakiniku sauce …. 19.00


 Hosomakis (6 pieces)

 Rice roll wrapped with Nori seaweed

 SAKE MAKI (salmon) …. 6.00

TEKA MAKI (tuna) …. 7.00

IKURA MAKI (salmon roe) …. 7.50

CAPA MAKI (cucumber) …. 4.00

AVOCADO MAKI (avocado) …. 4.50

SHIITAKE MAKI (mushrooms and vegan cheese) …. 5.00

 Niguiri (2 pieces)

Rice balls covered with fish or vegetables

SAKE (salmon and roe) …. 5.00

SAKE FLAMBEADO (salmon flambé with caramelized onion) …. 5.00

MAGURO (tuna with chives) …. 6.00

FLAMBED BUTTER FISH (with truffle) …. 5.50

EBI (prawn with foie) …. 6.00

UNAGUI (eel) …. 5.00

AVOCADO (avocado) …. 4.00

CAPA (cucumber) …. 4.00


TORO (Giant tuna belly flambéed with foie … 7.50


FLAMBED FOIE (with blue cheese) …. 8,00


Uramakis (8 pieces)

 Rice roll with Nori seaweed inside

 MOSAIC (shrimp in tempura, cream cheese, basil, covered with salmon, tuna and avocado) …. 13.50

 SPICY TUNA (tuna tartare with spicy mayonnaise, misuna, avocado, covered with tobiko) …. 13.00

 SAKE EBI (shrimp in tempura, covered with salmon and mayonnaise with lemon) …. 12,00

 HOTATE GUAY (tuna with papaya marinated in soy, with wasabi mayonnaise, covered with scallop with foie) …. 13.50

 GOREE (smoked salmon, cream cheese with dill and mango sauce, topped with green pistachio) …. 11.50

 SABORS (prawn and avocado with spicy mayonnaise, with tobiko and mezclum) …. 12,00

 VISHNU (Eel and butterfish with mango, covered with salmon and caramelized onion) …. 12,00

 SHIVA (Vegan shrimp in tempura with vegan cheese covered with avocado with teriyaki sauce) …. 12.50

 TORO ROLL (flambéed scallop, spicy mayonnaise, misuna, avocado and flying fish eggs covered with giant tuna belly …. 15,00

 SPICY CHRISTMAS (Avocado, spicy mayonnaise, mézclum, covered with fresh tuna, wacame seaweed, natural wasabi and flying fish roe) …. 14.50

 RAINBOW (Filled with salmon, avocado, mézclum, lemon mayonnaise, covered with various fish, avocado and mango with strawberry tartare) …. 16.00

Gunkan (2 pieces)

 Rice ball, surrounded by Nori seaweed with the filling on top

IKURA (salmon roe) …. 7.00

TOBIKO (flying fish roe) …. 6.00

SPECIAL (salmon and tuna tartare filling) …. 7.00

AUBERGINE (With guacamole and caramelized aubergine tartare with black truffle …. 7.00

 Sashimi (4 pieces)

 Raw fish cuts

SALMON …. 6.00

TUNA …. 7.00


TORO (Giant tuna belly) …. 9.00

ASSORTMENT (salmon, tuna, butterfish, prawns) 3 pieces of each …. 19,00

 Hot Rolls (8 pieces)

 Tempura Nori Seaweed Wrapped Rice Roll

SOW SOW (tuna tartare with cream cheese and chives, on top of salmon tartare with avocado and spicy mayonnaise) …. 14,00

UNICORN (vegan cheese, caramelized shitake, caramelized onion and cucumber) … 11.00

TORO (bull tartare, cream cheese, chives, ajiamarillo basil with avocado on top) …. 14.00

BALASOW (Vegan cream cheese, caramelized aubergine tartare, fresh daikon, caramelized onion, with guacamole tartare on top and ito togarashi) …. 14.00

BAMBA (Cream cheese, basil, mango, caramelized eel, butterfish and foie) …. 18,00

 Assorted / assorted

 NIGUIRI CHEF (10 pieces of assorted niguis) …. 25.00

SABORS 2 pers (8 pieces Uramakis, 6 pieces Hosomakis, 6 pieces Niguiris and 6 pieces Sashimi) …. 43,00

GOURMET (16 pieces Uramakis, 12 pieces Hosomaki, 6 pieces Niguiris and 6 pieces Sashimi) …. 60.00

FLAVOR BOX (32 pieces Uramakis, 12 pieces Hosomakis, 8 pieces Niguiris) …. 85.00



 Beef tataki with foie micuit
Sirloin with foie micuit flambé with teriyaki sauce …. 16,00

Steak on the stone with two sauces
200gr of ribeye …. 21,00

Steak tartare
90gr Angus sirloin …. 19,00

DESSERTS (Own elaboration)
Passion fruit tiramisu with green tea ice cream …. 5.00
Broken lemon pie … 5.00
Yuzu mousse …. 7.00
Chocolate fondant …. 5.00
Green tea ice cream …. 4.00
Vanilla ice cream …. 4.00
Wasabi ice cream …. 4.00
Assortment of chocolate mochis, green tea, mango, cheese cake, vanilla, coconut and strawberry (unit) …. 3.00
Assortment of three desserts …. 13.00
Lemon sorbet with marc de cava …. 7.00